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Thanks You letters:

Dear Ali,
Thank you so much for guiding our family from Jerusalem, through Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Sderot all over the Negev and down to Elait. I particularly enjoyed our drive from Elait back up north through the Dead Sea, Masada and En Gedi and hearing your explanations of everything we saw. The entire trip was amazing! We had so much fun hiking, seeing sites, meeting new poeple, eating great food and learning so much from you. I especially appreciated your ability to make our trip so relaxing and efficient by locating everything quickly, bringing us to the best hiking paths, and navigating through the crowds at Masada. You truly opened doors for us through the people you know and your friendliness with new people that we met. Your love for Israel is contagious, and I cannot wait to come back again!
I hope that you and your family are well. Shalom!


Dear Ali ,
I would like to thank you o for the excellent job that you did while guiding me and my television crew through Jerusalem.You were very professional and also very patient. Your great sense of humour made the shoot very ,very enjoyable.
I now have a greater understanding of your country and would love to come back and work with you again. Thank you very much.
I would love to recommed you to all my friends and colleagues who wish to visit Israel.
Your country is beautiful!
Good luck in the future!
Sincerely Sheldon Mascarenhas
travelxpHD India


Dear Ali,
Nice to meet you in Israel!
And thank you for guiding us.


Dear Ali,
It was such a pleasure to participate in your tour. You are very knowledgeable
about your subject, and passionate as well, which to me was an indication of
your commitment to explaining Israel for people such as myself, who are coming
for the first time.
Thanks to Your superb interpretations, I know I will be coming back to this
country again.
Brenda Yablon
Vancouver, Canada.


It was a pleasure to meet you. We live half a world away and yet we have so very
much in common. I feel like I have known you for a very long time.
Thank you again for the safe and most enjoyable trip. I am confidant that our
paths will cross again soon.
Be well.
Shalom v'l'hitraot,

Though I realize that I am a day late, due to the time differences between us , I want to
wish you a Happy Birthday. We will never forget your hospitality, excellent guiding and
the amazing way you got us through the sand storm in the desert. 
It was such a great experience coming to Israel and visiting varied places with so much
history and being able to see it through your eyes.
Thanks for everything,
Mary and Bob
תל-אביב לכל המעוניין,

בשמחה רבה ובלב שלם אני ממליץ על עלי אבו-רביע, מדריך טיולים.
הנני מכיר את עלי שנים רבות, יותר מעשור, מביקורי הרבים באזור ים-המלח, בו אני שוהה פעמיים בשנה.
הסתייעתי בעלי רבות, כנהג, כמדריך, כמומחה של ממש לאזור, למקומות, לאירועים, להיסטוריה העתיקה ולהיסטוריה המודרנית של המקום.
עלי הוא מדריך תיור בעל ידע עצום, יכולת הדרכה ולימוד, וחשוב מכל אלה – בעל מזג אישי נעים, אדיב, סבלני. ואולי אף חשוב גם מאלה – בעל חוש הומור מצוין.
אמנון אברמוביץ'.